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Welcome to Tiny Viking !

Tiny Viking is an Icelandic baby & children's brand, founded in 2016 by Tinna Lind Laufdal Guðlaugsdóttir textile teacher and fashion designer. The brand came alive shortly after her daughter, Viktoría was born. The vision was to make beautiful accessories and toys that she felt needed on the market or needed to improve. Things that would be useful, made life a little easier, more beautiful and fun. Tiny Viking is designed with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Every product is designed to last. 


Fun Fact:

The name Tiny Viking means a lot to us. It was not selected out of the blue but it is a combination of our names in our small family. I Tinna, have always been called Tiny by my brothers and Viking are the first three characters in the names of our Viktoría and Ingi (the dad). Together we are Tiny Viking.

The name Tiny Viking then fit so beautifully as the name of a Icelandic children's brand.

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