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Easy New Years face mask

I'm ready for new years with a gold, sparkling face mask! 😀

Whether you're handy with sewing machine or not, this one is easy to make!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal fabric mask for use by the general public consists of three layers, where two of the three layers are water-resistant (hydrophobic) materials such as polypropylene, and the third layer in contact with the face is an absorbent material such as cotton. Source

You could reuse old clothing or pillow covers, maybe something that has glitter on? 👏

Now watch the video to see how to make your own face mask, download the pattern and follow the instructions ♡

How to make:

  • Download pattern

Download PDF • 186KB
  • Cut 4x pieces of material (insides & outsides)

  • Cut 2x pieces of in-between layer (hydrophobic material)

Sew insides together

  • Sew front sides and in-between layers together

  • Pin front- and back sides together and sew

  • Turn material around, fold and sew sides

  • cut 20 cm stretchy thread, thread trough holes. Tie ends together

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So we can see your creations

Have fun!


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