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Easy paper Easter egg craft

Easy Easter egg craft for toddlers to make

This easy craft is really simple to do. It depends on how old your toddler is on how much preparation you will need (cutting out all the pieces or not), your toddler can do most of this on their own. For this activity, cut the strips or shapes, and trim them later after the eggs shape. This is a great fine motor practice for your kids!

This Easter craft is the 1st craft in our 8 days of - Family fun - (you can see more on this here). If you make today's craft make sure you share a photo on Facebook or Instagram - use #tinycrafts and tag @tiny_viking_ so we can see your crafts.

To make this fun Easter art you will need:

  • White paper + colored paper (can also color white paper)

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick


  1. Begin by printing out (or drawing) two copies of the egg template onto a piece of paper. Then, using an assortment of colorful paper, cut several strips or shapes of paper.

  2. Have child place stripes of paper randomly over one of the egg templates.

  3. Cover entire egg with several strips or shapes of paper, gluing them down as you go. (For younger toddlers it's easier to place glue over the entire egg shape first). Cut around the egg to get rid of all of the excess paper.

  4. Using the other sheet of paper with the egg template, cut out egg shape with a knife or scissors (adult should do this step).

  5. Now place the egg “frame” over the sheet covered in strips or shapes of paper. Secure with glue.

  6. Your beautiful egg art is now complete!

Remember to share your photos on Facebook or over on Instagram – use #tinycrafts and tag @tiny_viking_ . So we can see your crafts!

Have fun! ♡

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