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Sock animal/figure

Wow this craft was a hit in our home! We reused some socks and craft materials we thought we could use. I've heard that some families have this "sock animal" tradition around Christmas, where they have contest of who makes for example the funniest or cutest animal. That sound like a fun tradition. This could also be a fun Easter craft for adults, craft parties, gatherings, family events, etc..

This craft is the 3rd craft in our 8 days of - Family fun - (you can see more on this here). If you make today's craft make sure you share a photo on Facebook or Instagram - use #tinycrafts and tag @tiny_viking_ so we can see your crafts.

What you will need for this craft depends on whether you will sew or use rubber bands and a glue gun (this is easier with younger children). Both is really fun!

Here are some examples what you might need:

  • Socks

  • Rice (or some filling)

  • Scissors

  • Rubber bands

  • Glue gun

  • Decoration (buttons, ribbon, googly eyes)

  • Needle & thread


  1. Now you get creative (maybe a bunny?)

  2. Decide what figure you are going to make

  3. Fill with rice

  4. Add some rubber bands

  5. Add decorations (eyes, nose, whiskers?)

Remember to share your photos on Facebook or over on Instagram – use #tinycrafts and tag @tiny_viking_.

So we can see your crafts!

Have fun! ♡


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